Now Registering for 2020 Spring Youth Tackle Football!


Come join us for another exciting year of spring youth tackle football! Bring your friends and get in the game! Be part of the action. This link is for for grades 2nd-9th player registrations. If you're playing for a particular team or coach, please don't forget to mention that on the Coach Request or Special Request section. 

12th Annual SPRING 2020 SESSION:
Season:  March 28 - June 6, 2020
Grades:  2nd-9th (note:  9th graders must be 150 lbs or less) 
Locations: Throughout metro Denver area
Games: 8 games
Practices: Practices are held 2-3 times per week starting March 9th
Fee: $225 (please note that teams may add additional fees such as field rentals or uniforms not covered by this player fee)
Save 20% when you register by November 31, 2019 ($180.00)
Save 10% when you register by January 31, 2020  ($202.50)

Note: 2nd grade division is 8-man football.

Click HERE to access our Mile High Football League website for more info.